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There are many times when an inspection can give you an advantage. If you're buying a home, getting a home inspection means you know about any problems and their solutions before you move in. If you're selling a home, getting a home inspection means you know you're complying with full disclosure laws, and means you can consider selecting contractors rather than waiting for the buyer to do so. If you've just done extensive remodeling, a home inspection can help you make certain the contractors did the job correctly.

Our job as your professional home inspector choice is to alert you to the extent possible to unknown problems and potential environmental hazards in your current or potential house. Just because some of these hazards are invisible doesn't mean they call for less vigilance on your part. Ours is a non-invasive visual inspection of your property. While we may be able to alert you to possible problems, our basic inspections are no substitutes for specialized contaminant testing.